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Your Business Strategy Hinges on Employee Engagement - Gallup at Work Summit 2022

I am currently attending the 2022 Gallup at Work Summit - to learn more about improving employee productivity and engagement.

Gallup is committed to bringing the voice of the employee to the decision-making table as we help global leaders solve their most pressing problems. In my next blog, I will review Gallup's findings from the world’s largest, ongoing study of the employee experience. Gallup researchers examine how employees feel about their work and their lives, an important predictor of organizational resilience and performance.

Remember this: employee engagement is a foundational component to workplace outcomes. If you want to talk about well-being, manager development, performance (and more), you also have to talk about employee engagement.

Why? Because every conversation a manager has with an employee affects their engagement -- and engaged employees perform better, which differentiates you from your competitors. To drive real change within your teams, and to move the needle on the business metrics that matter, learn more about employee engagement in your organization.

Stay tuned for my summary of the findings!

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