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Talent Focus: Command®

"There is the risk you cannot afford to take and there is a risk you cannot afford NOT to take!" Peter Drucker, Organisational Behaviour Theorist

People exceptionally talented in the Command talents naturally take charge. They see what needs to be done, and they are willing to speak up. They are not frightened by confrontation; rather, they understand that confrontation is the first step toward resolution. They need things to be clear among people and will challenge others to be realistic and honest. Their talent pushes them to take risks. At times, those with strong Command talents may intimidate others. And while some may resent this talent, others often willingly hand them the reins. People are drawn towards those who take a stand and are willing to lead.

Power & Edge of this Talent

People with strong Command bring decisiveness and emotional clarity. They have the ability to bring to light what is often avoided or unstated. This gives them the ability to resolve conflicts and misunderstandings.

Blind Spots of People with Command Talent

Potential blind spots for people with strong Command Theme can be their need to always take the lead. Sometimes, it may be more beneficial to let the situation unfold without always feeling like you need to step in.

Some of the more 'raw' Command people tend to be bossy and, at times, rude, short and domineering. The more 'mature' Command talent has a higher degree of self-awareness and ability to better regulate one's emotions. Finally, some of the people with strong Command talent can be seen as inflexible and stubborn. Understand that you already have a presence and are able to influence people more by asking and respecting others' views and opinions. If necessary, explain to people that you are candid simply because you feel it feels so uncomfortable to keep things bottled up or unclear - not because you want to frighten other people into silence.

Action Items for Someone Who Has Dominant Command Talents

  • Seek roles in which you will be asked to persuade others. Consider Legal or Sales profession.

  • You will always be ready to confront. Practice the words, tone, and techniques that will turn your ability to confront into real persuasiveness.

  • In your relationships, seize opportunities to speak plainly and directly about sensitive subjects. Your unwillingness to hid from the truth can become a strong source of strength for your colleagues and friends.

  • Partner with someone with strong Woo or Empathy theme. Some obstacles do not need to be confronted - they can be circumvented. This person can help you to circumvent obstacles through relationships.

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