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Focus - Achieve Your Highest Priorities Workshop 17 June 2022

Updated: May 10, 2022

Do you often feel like you are continually racing back and forth trying to decide what to do first? Do you find yourself saying: "But this is URGENT! How can I not do it right away?" Or do you feel like you are working VERY hard but not getting the results that you are after? Are you often exhausted at the end of the day but feel as if you have not achieved much? Then this workshop is for you. This workshop is about learning how to manage yourself, your life and your outcomes within the 24 hours you are given each day. You will learn to apply what you learn here to virtually every aspect of your life. It is my aim to help you feel more balanced, less overwhelmed, and more able to decide what is really important to you. You will learn concepts and practice skills that will help you do just that - if you are committed to making the necessary changes. EARLY BIRD: $300 by 10 May. For more information email: or call Ellie on 0404 067360 for a free 15min consult.

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