• Ellie Rentoul, Corporate Coach

From a tiny village in Russia...

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

I was born in a tiny village in Russia called Voznesenskaya, in Krasnodar Region (made famous by Mr Gorbachov in the 1980s as this is where is from). I was raised mostly by my grand-parents and my teenage mum. By the time I was 15, we have lived in 5 countries and changed 11 schools. In 1990, at 18, I landed in London - with GBP200 in my pocket and no English.

While in London, I had a few dead end jobs while learning English. Eventually (and through sheer luck and perseverance), I got scholarship to study finance at the University of Westminster, A buzzing university, right on the doorstep of Oxford Street! The wonderful lecturers at this fantastic University ignited my passion for finance, statistics and business in general.

This later reinforced during my work as an analyst at the European Bank for Reconstructions and Development.

Eventually, I found myself as Brand Manager for UK fashion house “Firetrap”, which gave me grounding in managing sales teams, marketing, dealing with celebrities etc

I moved to Australia 20 years ago, completed my MBA at UQ (majored in Consumer Behaviour) and held senior analyst and consulting roles in private professional services and in public sector

Next big change was husband Andrew and 2 lovely children: David & Mia

Found myself in coaching others in the things I love – business growth, career and self-development, marketing.

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