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I'm Ellie, a Strengths-Based Corporate Coach

Keeping an edge and remaining competitive in the fast changing world we live in is the biggest challenge for many individuals and organisations. As a coach, I believe that everybody has the potential to grow into the best version of themselves - both at work and at home - and that every team can achieve tremendous success and results.


I work with a diverse range of clients: from government, healthcare and global companies to smaller, family-run, businesses to help them grow their cultures and develop their people. I help them improve employee engagement, productivity and sales performance. I coach managers to better understand their strengths and 'blind spots' and move from 'good' to 'great'. Over the last 10 years I have helped many leaders in the area of talent selection, management and retention and provided strategic business planning and advice to a diverse range of clients. As a fully-certified Gallup Strengths Coach and with a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Queensland, I use the latest science and evidence-based psychometric tests and business analytics tools in my coaching. Some clients I meet with only once and for some I am a trusted business and talent management advisor and a 'go-to' person for sounding out' important ideas and decisions. 


I also love working with individuals in life or career transition using a wide range of life coaching, solution-oriented, strengths-based tools to help them achieve more than they would achieve by themselves.

A little bit about me and why I LOVE my job:


I was born in Eastern Europe and have lived in 6 countries. I worked as an investment analyst for the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD) in London and ran a successful, award-winning street-wear label 'Firetrap' (UK) all before I was 27 years old, I managed a team of 20 staff and looked after over a 1000 accounts in Europe. In 2000 I moved to Australia and worked as a business consultant for legal and accounting firms and the Queensland Government. I live with my husband and two children in Brisbane (Australia) and love yoga, meditation and healthy eating. I became a coach because I love seeing other people succeed and flourish! 

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My other little passion: Professional Organising (comes with Life Package 3)

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Ellie’s enthusiasm and guidance have been instrumental to the success of our team...


Ellie is pragmatic, strategic and practical in her approach, offering sound, impartial advice that helps me navigate business challenges and new ways to help bring our team together. One of her key strengths I noticed when she works with our team, is the mindset and impact that she can have on an individual’s performance. This then moves into talent management of our staff and understanding what drives a person and how to best utilise their natural skills within the workplace and in their individual business models. She brings real-world corporate big picture expertise and thinking and applies it to real estate in a way that is thoroughly practical and easy to implement. She is a true whiz when it comes to new ideas and implementing them with our office structure. Ellie is genuinely kind, caring and is passionate about helping us grow and giving me gentle nudges in the right direction. She brings focus to each session and I leave every interaction with Ellie feeling empowered. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

Cameron Crouch


(Ray White Sherwood & Graceville)

Helped me turn my visions into realities…

Ellie is an exceptional leadership coach and I would recommend her to anyone in management or leadership position who needs some guidance and advice in the area of talent management, career development and organisational leadership

She can pinpoint the big shifts you need to make, inspire you and create a practical plan to help you deal with your 'blind spots' and developmental areas - both as a manager and in your private life.


Underlying her incredible coaching skills is also a deeply compassionate and caring person, so her guidance and suggestions don’t ever undermine my confidence as a leader. She has helped me turn my career visions into realities.  And then when I have challenges on my path to success - Ellie helps me connect again with my vision

Ellie is an incredible observer of human nature. I am sure that having lived all over the world, having achieved great success in fashion and business, speaking 5+ languages and studying widely have all contributed to her refreshing perspective on life.


She has a magnetic character and amazing life stories that naturally inspire all the people around her to be the best they can be.

Allison Christou

Associate Director

Performance Audit

Office of the Auditor General (WA)

Ellie is fantastic at pinpointing areas that are creating blockages…

As a business owner, it is easy to find yourself stuck in certain areas although it is hard to really figure out what the obstacles are.


I think Ellie is fantastic at pinpointing the areas that are creating the blockages. Ellie is honest, straightforward and what I love the most is that the advice comes from real life experiences, whether it’s from previous ventures of running a large fashion label, her corporate life, her family & relationships etc.


Ellie’s interest in coaching people really shines through in the session and she is good at listening and understanding your situation


I also like Ellie’s approach to action – once the challenges have been identified and discussed, it is time to develop a plan of action to overcome them.


Need a boost of energy in your life or business? Go and see Ellie! I would highly recommend her to anyone that needs a bit of guidance with their business and life in general - and a push in the right direction.

Astrid Schwartz

Founder & Owner of “Bubnest”

An excellent foundation to build a winning team…


We engaged Ellie to provide consultation on how to build up our international Management Team in Customer Accounting (DHL Express).


The pre-consultations and a number of offsite workshops with Ellie provided an excellent foundation to build a winning team. She has also conducted one-on-one leadership coaching sessions with each person in our Management team after each of our workshops.

Ellie does not only understand how a big, global corporation works, but she also brings a unique skillset of Strengths Coaching and Life Coaching - which ties the corporate world with each individuals' personality to get the best results.

By taking her time to understand our company, internal slang and KPIs, she built an excellent coaching module, which ensured we focused on DHL's strategic business values while working to improve overall employee engagement, productivity and inter-and-intra-office communication.

Ellie’s workshops are engaging, thought-provoking and highly practical. We received fantastic feedback from our team members each time, who walked away feeling inspired and energised to thrive and work together. We’d highly recommend Ellie as a business and talent management coach, a workshop facilitator and a speaker.

Cathrine Stenshagen

Director, Customer Accounting

DHL Express Oceania

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